Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sculpting Minis

Ok, so i'm sure i have mentioned that i paint warhammer minis. yes, i'm almost positive. Anyway, i have been wanting to do more. More than just paint. I have been wanting to actually craft my own minis. I've seen some amazing sculpting on and in White Dwarf magazine, and i realized, "Hey! That's green stuff!!" well, if its just green stuff, why can't i do that? i have three or four ribbons of green stuff lying around that only seem to be made into books, seals, or filler puddy for cracks and separations in the models.

Well, i have found some great resources for learning to sculpt your own minis. I've got one started. i'll have to get some pics up of him when i'm done. Here's the link list to some of the resources i've found:

Miller Bros Sculpting
The Art of Miniature Sculpting
Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic
Beginner's Guide to sculpting from scratch


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